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What does limitation mean?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Roger Moore on January 10, 2018

Limatation means a disadvantage or weakness in somebody or something!! I hope I helped Your answer is INCORRECT!! the answer is, for example, if you have a table with the data of the limitation is the lack of data in the table♥ Ur response was quite good!!!

In fact.. I think you maybe right..there are different types of ways to answer that question.. depending on what you need the answer.. For example liminations in the hairdressing sector means -
if a customer has some type of condition in the scalp.. address.g dandruff,alopecia, head lice or eczema, etc.. depending on what condition the client has, or how bad it is jus looking for the hairdresser not how far she can take the treatment that the client wants in her that if the customer had alopeacia then the hairdresser can carry out a service aslong as it does not use chemicals in the scalp or the hair

I think that is correct !

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