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What does ISTE do?

I came across the ISTE conference 2018 advert some months ago forwarded to me by a colleague and got a little interested. I am a teacher and love what I do. Therefore, when I come across something to do with education, my interest is automatically sparked. Though the notification about the conference was explicit about the dates and venue, there was not much information about the organizer, ISTE.

I would like to know what the organization is all about including what it does. Also, what is ISTE conference like and who will attend it?

James Washington

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 15, 2018

I.S.T.E known in full as the International Society for Technology in Education is an organization that offers support and resources to educators with interest in enhancing technology use in education. Since its inception, the non-profit membership organization has exponentially grown to now serve over 100,000 educators worldwide.

In the fulfillment of its objective, the organization provides relevant resources and professional support to educators and leaders in education in learning about educational technology. This tech organization connects hundreds of education professionals to share experiences, best industry practices and ideas on how to impact education sectors in their local communities.

However, what I.S.T.E is best known for is its annual conference and Expo it holds in June. This event is an education tech learning event for educators and education stakeholders. It attracts thousands of attendees from different states. There is no one designated venue for the event and the location changes every year.

This year’s conference will take place between June 24 and 27 in Chicago while next year the event will move to Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania between 23 and 26 June. As you may have gathered from the dates, the conference is a four-day event. The conference and expo, to say the least, is a premier event for tech enthusiasts.  

2018’s I.S.T.E conference is set to attract more than 18,000 attendees including teachers, administrator, tech coordinators, teacher educators, library tech specialists, and policymakers. As the conference is one of the biggest in education technology, you can expect to enjoy:

Keynotes from world-class speakers: each year comes with a fresh line up of keynote speakers in fields related to education technology. There is at least one keynote speech every day of the event.

Hundreds of tech learning sessions: you may pay for the basic or premium registration. The basic plan if quite okay for a first timer as it includes access to some three general learning sessions, hundreds of sessions in choice formats, networking opportunities, full access to expo hall and one-year membership if you are not yet a member.

An expansive expo: the expo hall is so big that if you decide to take a few minutes visiting each booth, it will take you more than a day to go through them all. So, if you are planning to attend the conference and you are particularly interested in the expo, it would be wise to organize yourself ahead of time. 

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Much has already been said about the organization’s conference. However, I would like to tell about a few things about ISTE that have not been covered here but are essential to know. Though widely known for its conferences, this organization is famous for the ISTE Standards.  These standards are developed for adoption in teaching as well as learning. They aim at bringing about the integration of technology in education. These standards come in categories according to the audience they are intended for with standards for students providing a list of attitudes and skills that students should possess. There are standards for coaches, educators, administrators and so forth. These standards are developed to work with learning and teaching models in schools internationally. ISTE Standards are regularly updated to ensure they keep up with new practices in education. An update of these standards is expected this June during the conference. 

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