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What does Idaho education news entail?

Being an educator and a researcher on the education system around the world, I have been trying to understand among other things what is being put out as news in different states in the US. I was eager to check and confirm if there were news articles on education, college students news, news on the new education system. My goal is to verify that indeed the content being offered to the public, both online and offline is beneficial and what the consumers of this news actually want. Therefore, I seek to answer the question, ‘what does Idaho education news comprise?’

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 22, 2018

I work in Idaho’s Department of Education and among the many roles that I have, one of them is to engage the general public on matters to do with State education. Education news in Idaho comes in volumes, with different websites and bloggers writing on the subject. In relation to most of the contributors of the news, we can be able to assess the content put out as news. There are many news article on education online. These cover all the areas of the subject, including news on teachers and students. The issues addressed to teachers include, the payment of teachers, the number and demographics of teachers and many other issues. The students being the primary participant in the whole education system get to be the topic of discussion in most of the news. These include, the different emerging student behaviors, the different student levels in the schools, to mention but a few.

Education reforms and the new educational system push is another subject that is hard to miss as part of the news. Over the years, the education system of Idaho has been termed as wrong and ineffective and as a result, almost everyone in the state talks about it. From the government officials to the teachers who actually do the largest part of the job, all always have something to say about both the old and new education system. Amends to the system always make headlines in the news and the importance of the new system makes it a very important topic of discussion not only in the education department but also in the whole state as a whole.

Regardless of the system, which has been criticized over the years for not producing individuals for the human capital demand of the state, the colleges and universities get a lot of emphasis on the daily news. Many education news sources in Idaho report news on college students and other related news. With college comes the need for career guidance, grants, loans and scholarships all of which form an important part of the news. These are some of the things that Idaho educational news is comprise of and which are hard to miss. However, there are many other things both minor and major, which are reported on, in the different news avenues in Idaho. These include, education reform in detail, the different public schools and the overall public grading system. The department of education website is the main source of education news but there are other independent sources within Idaho.

Leigh Manna year ago

There have been different opinions on the need for a new education system in especially Idaho. I personally have not lived or worked in Idaho but my interest in education made me get to know about this. It has become a major concern to the extent that those running for public elective offices in Idaho capitalize on this as a major agenda in their bids for election. This is the main reason why this particular issue is never missed as part of the news in Idaho. As for me, I believe that the solution will first come from understanding the old system, to fully understand
where the problem is and then now, it will be easy to work on the solution. It is about that time that this issue got sorted once and for all, rather than just complaining and taking no action. It has been long overdue and solution is needed immediately.

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