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What does Hon mean?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on February 9, 2018

Hon is an abbreviation for "Honorable", a title given to men with political office but not necessarily any other formal title. . Excmo. Is an abbreviation of the Honorable The Honorable. There are a number of different meanings of the "Hon" abbreviation. The above, being a title given to politicians, judges and ambassadors is one. In the uk, Honourable is a title given to the sons of some Peers, the Children of a Life Peer or an herediary Baron will all be entitled to style themselves The Honourable XYZ, or in short "Hon. XYZ". For more peerages, Viscounts, Earls, the youngest of the children is going to be styled Honorable as the eldest male child shall be given, in most cases, a coutesy title belonging to the peerage. For example, the eldest son of an Earl is most usually a Viscount, however the Earls younger Children tend to be Honorable. The Honourable title is only ever used in writinig, it is never used verbally. So I would never call someone "Honourable David or Honourable Spencer", if a formal presentation that is given you can say "may I introduce The Honourable David Spencer", however you verbally address him as Mr Spencer. British politicians are usually styled The Honourable Member, but are not entitled to use honourable outside of the house of Commons. The members of the Privy Council is given the right to be the style The right Honourable as are all Peers. This is abbreviated as "The Rt Excmo." or simply "Rt Hon".

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