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What does free online degree mean and how can I acquire one?

I need to understand the meaning of free online degree and how I can proceed to attain one in my field of interest. I also need to know what are online college courses for credit and how do they contribute to internet education. Kindly provide me with the details on how to attain UCLA online degrees since I desire to pursue a computer science degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. Please provide some basic information regarding UCLA’s internet library and the number of students pursuing online studies.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 11, 2018

Free online degrees refer to academic degrees, often university/college degrees which are awarded to individuals who have successfully completed their online studies using distance learning. In some cases the term may be used to refer to non-degree certificates and high school diplomas that can be attained exclusively through the use of a computer with Internet access as opposed to physically attending a brick-and- mortar college. Developments in technology, the heightening application of the Internet globally, and the need for individuals to access flexible school and class schedules while still working and spending time with their families has resulted to a proliferation of online institution which awards professional degrees.

Acquiring an online degree is very simple and it only requires your strong will to learn. First seek an admission into your college of choice. Register and prepare for classes. You will receive instructions from your supervisors via the internet, participate in classroom discussions through video conferencing and open chat windows. You will be able to take your tests and exams from the comfort of your home and you alone can decide when you wish to sit down and learn or be assessed.

The phrase online college course for credit refers to a course that is completely taken via the internet and which leads to a student being awarded a credit. It is mainly meant for people who do not desire to pursue degree courses or who did not attain the threshold of being admitted into a degree program. Such online learning enables people living with disabilities, military personnel, full-time employees, stay at home parents and the ones living abroad, among other groups to have access to certified higher education. Internet college credit courses contribute to widening the scope of education over the internet.

In regard to your question on how you can achieve an UCLA degree, note that the university has stringent admission procedures for its students. You will first of all need to apply and once you get admitted you will be able to study, take exams and be assessed by your professors. The university of California charges tuition fee for most of its courses leading to a degree and as such you should be prepared to incur some expenses. UCLA has diverse internet resources that will enable you to pursue your studies successfully. They have one of the largest online libraries in the United States that is available to all students both on campus and off-campus. The university’s vast study resources have attracted many students from all corners of the world. The degrees awarded to students are acceptable to all employers around the globe.

Larry Warrena year ago

I agree with the information given above regarding free online degrees. Distance learning has many advantages compared to the traditional school setting. There are a number of challenges associated with traditional systems of education. Primarily, you are required to pay thousands of money every semester to attend colleges. With the many budget cuts, course shortages and busy classrooms you won’t always get the opportunity to learn exactly what you need. Millions of students around the globe are opting for online degree programs or even short college programs through online platforms. With internet learning you can choose to get your degree from UCLA or MIT. It is indeed the greatest transformation in contemporary education. It has made huge changes in the system and availed great opportunities for all people who wish to gain more training and earn academic credentials. Remember, online education is far much awesome than you know. Apply today and get to pursue your professional certificate, diploma or degree comfortably and affordably.

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