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What does continued education entail, is it necessary and what are the best programs available for adults?

I live and work in the US and have already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a business-related course. Through continued education, I would wish to further my education with a professional course that compliments my degree. I need an institution that offers high degree programs that present pathways to intellectual, professional and innovative development through continuing education programs. While explaining the various options available I would require a comparison between adult education and general continuing education for adults. Is there a difference between the two ways of learning by adults?

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on February 23, 2018

Formal courses, webinars, lectures, seminars or such educational programs structured for the education of an individual or further their skills for application in his / her career are considered as continued education. On-going education programs are intended to tutor someone on new advancements or increase a person’s expertise in their area of specialization. While it is optional for some fields, it may be a requirement in other fields for the maintenance of status, licensure or certification. Practicing CPAs, for instance must have a given number of learning hours by a specific date in order to maintain their licensure. Adult education is different from continuing adult education in that while continued education is meant for improving upon one’s skills, adult education is meant for learning new skills and changing career paths at times.

Distant learning or learning online has become a common option for those professionals who are busy but looking to engage in supplementary coursework to upgrade their skills and thus be more competitive in the market. Some have been using distant learning to change their careers while still working. According to the Sloan consortium, enrolments for online courses increased by roughly twelve percent from 2008 to 2009.

If you are looking to pursue certificates and degrees for advancing your career in a bid to meet your career’s continuing education requirement, then New York University schools is your best option. Continuing education comprises a wide range of programs across NYU schools. However, continued education for mature people is most realized in school of Professional Studies at NYU (NYUSPS). NYUSPS is a worldwide leader in university-based continuing higher education programs. NYUSPS suits you since it has strong connections to the US and specifically New York city’s main cultural and industrial sectors thus supporting learners to attain their personal aspirations and professional goals.

In addition to the highly regarded programs that NYUSPS departments offer, the school offers multiple educational pathways to professional development via those available educational programs. You said you are in the business field? At Leonard N. Stern School of business, you get to earn an MBA degree that is the same as what part time and full - time students earn. The program for the master’s degree is designed to suit seasoned executives. Other global degrees tailored for executives at Leonard N. Stern School of business include Executive MS in Risk Management and the Executive MS in Global Finance.

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