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What does API study abroad mean?

Many people have advised me to seek the services of API study abroad. I have a Spanish background since I was born in Buenos Aires before moving to the United States. My aim is to study abroad in Spain. I am informed that app can also link me to the best universities in the UK. Is it true? I want the best possible university for my degree studies since I believe this will contribute towards getting a good job later. Please, help me understand whether I should proceed to API for assistance.

Samantha Stevenson

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 2, 2018

API is the acronym for Academic Programs International. It links students to the schools that they seek to study internationally. It also gives plenty of information about available courses and how to join them. They have a collection of countries and institutions to choose from. The following tips will help guide you on what the API study abroad program is all about.

  • The first piece of good news for you is that API does cover study abroad program in Spain. It has detailed information on its website about the country. It’s disappointing that most of the institutions in the country are not part of the listing. In fact, the most prominent inclusion you find is the University of Salamanca. You would do well to find out more about studying in Spain from other websites such as Study in Spain which are much more detailed. With the wide variety of options available there, you will most likely get what you want.
  • Another thing is that API does have limited information on UK's best universities.  However, this information is limited to England alone. You do not get much about the other countries: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Consequently, the information available may not sufficiently meet your needs. It would be advisable to find out more from other sites, such as British Council.  
  • If the API does have the university you desire to join, the information they give you about is comprehensive enough. You can find out about the enrolment qualifications, costs of the study, the semester plan and support services. API is particularly useful in organizing travel arrangements and placements for students joining university and other institutions. So even where they don’t help you identify the college to join, they can still assist with travel arrangements.
  • You can also get comparative services using the information in API. For instance, you will notice immediately, when you compare studies in the UK and Spain, that the latter is a lot cheaper. Spain not only offers education less expensively, but the cost of living in the country is also significantly lower than in the UK. It is also important to note that foreigners and locals alike are charged the same fee for studies. There are also options for classes offered in English or Spanish. Studies in Spain will, therefore, be easier to manage than in England.

Olive Wilsona year ago

If you are looking for information on studies in the United States, then API is the right place to go. They have very comprehensive material on that. However, if your intention is to pursue your studies abroad in Spain or the UK, then you are in the wrong place. The information they have on this is dismal. You probably have more information about universities in Spain than the site does. As far as I am concerned, API is a work in progress, with the potential of being very useful in the near future. For now, it is a site about American education institutions masquerading as an international one. My advice to you is to forget it and visit the other sites suggested to you, such as British Council and Study in Spain. These have very comprehensive information on education opportunities and policies in England and Spain, not API.

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