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What does an exchange student program entail?

I have been researching a lot lately on exchange student programs abroad. I am particularly intrigued by the idea of schooling in another state. I am a college student and would love studying in another campus still in the same discipline. One of my friends is currently studying abroad with the help of the National Student Exchange coordinator in her country. She has been sharing with me a lot about the program and the exposures it’s presenting to her. She advised me that it would be better to find a family ready for hosting a foreign exchange student who would reduce the costs of the international program. I would love someone with the knowledge of how one can find such a family or an alternative accommodation. I would like to study abroad Japan precisely as I have friends who are schooling there. Kindly share more about the issue.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on July 13, 2018

Students exchange program is a plan in which students from high school or university have an opportunity to study in different nations and environments. The program began in 1968, and more than ninety-four thousand students have benefited from the abroad programs. They have experienced a new culture other than the one they grew up in at home. International students continue with the studies as per the disciplines they were studying in their local high school or university. Most parents are not comfortable letting their children go into a new environment without their presence to guide them. However, it is not a requirement that one has to move out of their home country. One could study in a different state while still in the same country. An excellent example of such an existence is where one could be studying in a different state but still in the same country: US. It is also possible to get placements to study abroad in Japanese institutions.

The programs entail scholars moving to different environments. The students get into new environments and find new languages that they have to learn which also builds their resume. The new type of food is another essential factor that makes the learners all-round. Scholars also gain independence and a sense of responsibility by living away from their relatives and finding rooms and apartments in schools hosting foreign exchange students. These new developments make them adapt to new environments. This way they, after their school life they would not see adjusting from school to the job market as a challenge.

Among the advantages of the exchange program is that on your resume you indicate that you have studied abroad. The abroad feature in your resume is a plus when selling yourself to an employer. Employers get the idea that you are an individual who is relentless and confident in your work. Therefore, such a person can get jobs easier than one who has not schooled beyond the boundaries of their country.

Lastly, I would love to explain the types of exchange programs that are available for scholars to use. The first type is the short-term exchange. The program, also known as the cultural exchange program usually runs from a few days up to three months. On the other hand, the long-term exchange runs from three months to one calendar year. During this time, the scholars get student visas. They use the student visas during their stay in the foreign country. 

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

As much as the program enables students to learn and develop themselves in a new environment, exchange student programs have significant drawbacks such as culture shocks. This effect happens when a student is abroad and has entirely been unable to adapt to the new environment due to its strange nature or weird living styles. Adapting could be difficult for some students.
Another major drawback that the foreign program scholars experience is conflict. Avoiding conflict is difficult. When conflict strikes, it is crucial to solve the issue immediately through communication. For students who live with host families, when a conflict arises one may be forced to humble themselves to avoid inconveniences.
It gets lonely when one is abroad. Going abroad for months or years without seeing your family could be difficult. Visiting home regularly, on the other hand, could be costly and a hindrance to the exchange program. Students are forced to remain till the program is over.

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