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What does an 121 IQ mean?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on October 12, 2018

IQ of 121 or more can be expected in about 1 out of 10 people. That is, an IQ of 121 is almost exactly 10% more (90.5 scoreand, assuming that the standard deviation in the population, 16 and, on average, 100). IQ predicts quite well, so what people do in school. All other things equal, people with an IQ of about 120 and higher tend to do well in school, and the University, and often enter professions that require advanced training. The question of how practical the people professions (medicine, law, engineering, computer science, pharmacy, etc) tend to have IQs around 120 or more, as do students in selective 4-year College. There are many exceptions, of course. Nobel prize can have an IQ of 105 (really!), while the runner on the death of the condemned may have an IQ of 140. In the end, it's something to do with my life and the talents that they have. Also, there is wide recognition, but is applied strictly, the theory of multiple intelligences, which States that IQ is only part of the spectrum. This means that his IQ often don't involve your creativity or other aspects of cognitive process, so distorted his intelligence.

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