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What does abs mean If it appears on your dashboard?

Kaitlin Dean

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Mindee Nelson on February 8, 2018

Response ABS stands for Antilock Brake System. If the light stays on, then there is a problem with the ABS system. You will have normal braking, but the ABS is not working. Check the 60 amp fuse in the fuse box. If missing or blown, the ABS light will illuminate on the instrument panel. If the fuse is missing, it disables the anti-lock function of the braking system. If the brakes are otherwise in the work order, you will still be able to slow down. ABS may disable this mode, if the ABS module is causing problems with braking, or if you just hate the way ABS feels. Note that a sticky front brake caliper can cause the ABS to activate at the wrong time, the release of the brakes when you want to stop. :-o I had the fuse removed from the fuse box for this reason until the caliper was replaced. If the fuse is blown, it is likely that you want to find out why. A brake specialist or auto electrician may be necessary.

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