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What does a strict constructionist believe? A) The government should exercise only the powers specifically listed in the Constitution. B) The government may exercise powers implied by the Constitution, even if they are not explicitly listed. C) State laws retain supremacy over national laws when they are in conflict. D) The national government should not share power with the states.

Ronald Miller

in Social studies

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on November 22, 2018

I think the answer is: (a) The government must exercise only the powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution.Strict constitutionist believe that everything written in the constitution should be followed word for word without any openness to other interpretations.The opposition of the strict constitutionist argued that we need to provide space for improvement, since there are a lot of things in the constitution that is still considered as unfair. For example, in the initial constitution, women were not allowed to vote

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