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What does a psychometric test mean?

My friend came back from a job interview and informed me that she was asked to take a psychometric test. She was asked to take it as it was a part of the interview. I am to go for an interview in that company in four days. I have only taken a personality test quiz. However, I am planning on taking a free psychometric test to get a feeling of what this test is like.
Please provide any information on this matter along with psychometric test examples.

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on July 26, 2018

Psychometric tests measure three things. These are aptitude, skills, and personality. As a result, there are three types of this assessment. They are:

Aptitude Tests
The assessments aim to evaluate your general or specific set of skills. This measure depends on the kinds of jobs you wish to apply for. Some of the tests in this group include:
Numerical reasoning assessment- This test assesses how well you interpret information. This evaluation uses statistical data derived from graphs, reports, and charts. Moreover, this test evaluates your mathematical capability.
Verbal reasoning quiz- This test measures your ability to assess detailed written information to provide a right decision.
Inductive reasoning exercises- These tests gauge your ability to find patterns and trends. Often, this is by using information from diagrams.
Diagrammatic reasoning assessments- They evaluate your logical reasoning by using diagrams and flowcharts.
Logical reasoning test- This quiz assesses your skills in concluding. Here, you will be given some information and required to decide on it. Due to this fact, they are also called deductive reasoning tests.
Error checking assessments- These tests evaluate your capability to find mistakes errors in elaborate sets of data such as alpha-numeric characters and codes.
Your career field and job position determine the type of aptitude test you take. I recommend that you take free psychometric tests from JobTestPrep.

Skills Tests
The assessment of your skill will help the employer to determine the speed with which you can learn a new skill to efficiently take on the role that you are interested in filling.
The test depends on the type of job you want to get, e.g. if you want to be a plumber, you may be asked to fix some pipes.
Skills sets and capability are evaluated using paper-based tests that come in the multiple-choice format under exam-like settings. However, these tests are increasingly being implemented online.

Personality Tests
Personality test quizzes help employers to assess your suitability for a job basing on your behavior and approach to work. This information is used to identify how well you conform to the organization and its business culture. Your feedback will be compared to that from a top-performing employee or manager. In turn, this will show if you have similar qualities.
Myers Briggs is an excellent example of a comprehensive personality test.
Here are some psychometric tests examples; In-Tray assessments, E-tray Exercises, Competency-Based Interviews, Strengths-Based Interviews, Role Play Exercises, Numerical tests.

Karen Wrighta year ago

Before you take your psychometric test, be sure to study your letter of offer to identify the tools that you might require for the assessment. This preparation will help you carry necessary aids to ensure that you pass the test.

If you are given an online test, try as much as possible to do it before the deadline. These online tests usually have a one-week period. If the scheduling of the test is not suitable for you, talk to your employer to have the test moved accordingly.

The letter of offer will provide meaningful information regarding what areas the test will cover, the reason for the assessment, and what the outcome will be used for. Note that every employee will get a similar letter thus read it carefully to ensure you do not get disadvantaged by missing bits of vital information. Make sure that you understand what the letter communicates.

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