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What does a fire symbolize?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on April 1, 2019

I'm not exactly sure what to ask but there is an incredible story in the bible with fire!! Long story short. There was a debate between a group believe that there is a god was real and someone trying to prove that our God was real. Decide 2 have a contest, the boy from eight, the false god goes first, the challenge was to design wood down and pray to god for the light of the wood in the fire. So the first guy goes first and he and a group of followers prayed and prayed, asking that the fire was lit and that you did this by what is estimated to be between 6 to 12 hours with nothing. And so, the disciple of the real God said, he would like to try. He said that he would first have to dig a hole and put wood in it and then completely soak it in water, so you had your wood completely soaked sitting in the water. And pray and ask God 2 show these guys that he is the true God, and in a matter of seconds the fire was sent from heaven and completely burned the wood and evaporate water in an instant. I hope that helps and sorry 4 all the condensation. Have a good day and God bless you!

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