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What do you understand by communication?

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on September 19, 2019

The word "Communication" is derived from two Latin words, the first of which is the word, "Communis" meaning "common," he points out that the main objective of the communication is the integration. It is also said to have evolved from the fusion of two words, "Com" and "Union", which means "together with". According to Robert Ash, Communication is "an activity that we do, in order to make the change." Gives importance to the fact that any communication must result in a change. In the words of Dean Bernland, "is a process of meaning-making" by giving more importance to the 'process'. Claude Shannon defines communication as "a process in which one mind affects another." Here the preference is more 'effect' of a particular communication. The definition conclusive of communication could, however, be the words of Herold Lasswell who said communication is "who says what, to whom, with what channel and with what effect". In the simplistic jargon of the communication is an act of sharing ideas, opinions, information and so on between two or more people.

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