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What do you think people today can learn from long term results of the treaty of versaiiles?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on October 6, 2019

\nthe Treaty of Versailles divided Europe. Woodrow Wilson had the crazy theory that all countries cooperate for their own defense. They did not do so. When Germany I have a powerful, conquering the small countries one by one. They could not defend themselves from the superpower. Also, when the fault clauses and repairs are necessary, the people of a nation to resist it. A crazy man can take advantage of that resentment and to have a nation follow him. He can get that nation to turn on a minority such as the Jews in the case of Germany. Also in this case, you can lead this nation in a disastrous war. The treaty also spread the crazy idea that each people should have its own homeland. The peoples that had been scattered among others, and specialized in various occupations suddenly heard the leaders that they wanted their own territory and wanted to rule under a particular theory of law. Muslims and Hindus had lived in peace in India for centuries. Suddenly a switch occurred when Muslims needed their own homeland. The Muslims went to Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are groups of Muslims want their own country. Is Pakistan divided in different countries? Different groups want different nations to separate. Each one will be different homeland with a different law where minorities will be persecuted. The smaller a nation is, the easier it is for a military leader to seize a coup and take away the freedom. Now Sunni, Shia and Kurds want their own homelands. Two different types of Kurds there. There are 7 different types of Sunnis. Let's see what happens if I live long enough. \n. \nHitler showed that the League of Nations was a paper tiger. The organizations created based on the theory that they are going to do something in the future if certain conditions occur often do not work. The mutual defense organization can not exist only in meetings and on paper. The armies need to practice under a unified command before the problem actually exists.

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