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What do you think Palestinians and the Jews should do about their disagreement?

Ross Pratt

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Eric Morgan on March 11, 2018

In the first place, both parties have to come to terms with two important facts. 1) Israel and Palestine are Not Going anywhere: Some Jewshave the sense that, finally, the Arab World is take thePalestinians out of them, or enough to go to the PalestinianDiaspora is going to disappear. Some Palestinians believe thatif you wait long enough, Israel will crumble. Both are unfounded,but lead to each side being willing to prolong the conflict insearch of the final victory. 2) Compromise Is Necessary: Jews and Palestinians have verylong wish lists. Some things about the Jews of the wish list arenon-starters for the Palestinians as a Unified system of Jerusalem, to Autonomy, but not Independence, the Maintenance of certain Settlements, andothers. Some things on the Palestinian lists of desires are not startersfor the Jews, such as: the Return of the Refugees, most of the earth thanthe 1949 borders, Complete Control of the Old City, among others.Each side has to be willing to compromise the items on its wishlistso that there is a mutually acceptable solution. Solutions typically involve using the 1949 borders with equal sizeland swaps as viable solutions. The Geneva Initiative of 2003 is a good example of this type of solution, and is what the Jews andPalestinians would be able to do if you are just compromising your wish list.

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