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What do you think of these free online courses for senior citizens?

Everything from GED to free college classes, ACLS, CPR, masters’ degrees, free online course certificate programs from the biggest name schools in America is being offered to us oldies who are never going to use the information. Free online school for adults is a scam, and young people who need it for a job can’t use free online certification even when they’ve taken classes, but everything is available in free online courses for senior citizens! What are the top online courses for working people, if there are any?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Justin Parker on August 21, 2018

While I salute your empathy for the young, I don’t see courses free online for senior citizens as bad. The high cost of college tuition is influenced by market factors (what young people and parents are willing to pay) more than physical factors (what it costs a school to test and grade a student). That a 21-year-old can’t afford tuition is bad; that a 61-year-old gets free tuition is not bad. The 61-year-old’s education is not being taken away from the 21-year-old.

Both online and traditional classes that people believe everyone needs (like CPR classes) or that schools can use (like free Harvard Online courses) are available to young people free of charge. You anticipate profitable returns on your investment in law school; you’ll invest a lot. Others expect to benefit if you can give Cardio-Pulmonary Respiration; CPR classes are free or cheap. Universities like Yale expect to benefit from improved teaching and recruitment techniques via non-degree courses like “The Science of Happiness”; you pay for those classes only if the certificate might be profitable for you.

Society benefits from keeping seniors active and healthy; post-retirement careers reduce the strain on the healthcare system. Updating their education after age fifty can help people keep their businesses successful, stay competent in part-time or volunteer work, benefit from new technology, provide home health care for friends and loved ones, or even feel that they’re “better” grandparents.

For working adults, free online school programs can be legitimate. Penn State, Ohio State (OSU), Arizona State (ASU), and many other universities that offer online classes for adults are nationally accredited; one free introductory summer class can lead to a degree funded by federal student aid.

Online certification (free or low-cost) may satisfy requirements for some jobs. Even programs that are accepted in only one state, like Florida’s Keiser University, are worthwhile if they help you earn ROI in Florida.

. “Totally online” degree programs are less prestigious than degree programs that mix online and on-campus courses. A top online course usually requires time on campus. Teachers’ recommendations carry more weight if teachers have watched you work. In fields like computer science, online may be the best way to watch students work. Typically, after students take some traditional classes, colleges trust them to finish degrees online. Stanford, however, accepts undergraduate work in math or English online but requires on-campus work for the master’s degree in education.

Charles McAleara year ago

Megadittos on 61-year-olds not competing with 21-year-olds even in the same classes. My Mom did not go to college at 18. She took a cosmetology course and was a hairdresser before being a “Full Time Mom” to 4. When we started college, saving money by taking community college classes while living at home, Mom qualified for financial aid, then for free classes. She found she liked being a student again, and even enjoys writing on a computer. (She never liked typing on a typewriter.) She took several free online courses for senior citizens as well as free classes on campus. She earned a degree in home nursing and is now well paid for helping my great-aunt stay in her home and, though now blind, manage her church “Opportunity shop.” Mom drives and runs the cash register while Aunt chats with customers. Our mutual classmates, now 30-35, think they are cool! 

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