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What do you think is the most fascinating thing about education regarding its significance?

With students having conflicting opinions concerning the significance of education today, I tend to wonder what really could be fascinating about education and its importance. From the various news feeds and articles I read, I can pick a number of issues in education today, which affects the whole concept of education and related significances. I have heard from most of my friends that various institutions offer different qualities of education regarding content and its applicability in the real world. Most of them are unsure of the reason they are in school. I have often heard most of them ask each other ‘why is school important in this era of limited jobs?’

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 16, 2018

My view concerning education is that it is the most significant investment a young person can have in their lifetime. I understand the weight of the question concerning the importance of school and the significance of education in the real world. I know it can be a challenging issue among students. However, as a teacher, I understand their predicament especially in the current uncertainties about finding a job after completing school. Nonetheless, I think nothing should replace the importance of education. One thing I always ask my students is whether they are in school to get jobs or to improve their intellectual fitness. I know it can be fascinating that no one can be certain of the events that could happen after school, but they will be fit to handle anything. It may not guarantee you a job, but it grants you intellectual capacity to tackle life issues appropriately. Every student should answer the question of why a school is important at a personal level. If this happens, then everybody would enjoy school without contradicting concerns about its significance. In my view, education completes one's wholeness. If I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, then one thing that lacks is the intellectual segment, which is paramount in individual’s wholeness.

I acknowledge that schools can offer different education qualities due to many factors. It is undeniable that students who attend public schools achieve different objectives than those who attend private institutions. Today, issues in education trigger different opinions in parents and students concerning the quality of education. I have heard many parents argue about the quality of education offered in private and public schools. Some of them say that the private institutions offer the best concepts of education due to a high student teacher ratio. However, some argue that the public schools offer the best because they adhere to the standardized codes set by the ministry of education. In my view, the school one attends does not have a significant impact compared to the attitude one holds and the objectives they set upon admission. Learning is much dependent on individuals, and there must be a personal dedication towards set goals to boost the quality of education at the end of it all. I have realized that the fascinating thing about learning is that it is dependent on an individual and that it plays a vital role towards developing wholeness.

Charles McAleara year ago

I cannot agree more on the fascinating fact about education. I can attest to the idea that the relationship between personal dedication and the quality of education one acquires matters a lot. I had friends who attended private schools while I joined the public institutions from elementary to higher education. One thing I learned over the years is that I needed to be part of the quality education I sought. Many students today may judge a school by performance. What I see my friends not looking at is the ability of self, which is more significant than the school. I would also add that it is fascinating how education can transform a person’s life, making them better citizens and gets of influence. I also believe that without readiness of a mind to learn, school becomes insignificant.

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