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What do you think about the information on the Michigan Department of education website?

I have found myself in a situation where I have to choose between a university in Michigan or Missouri. I have recently checked the Michigan department of education website and the Missouri higher education website, but I couldn’t find much valuable information. I am totally aware that education problems exist almost everywhere now, but I want to take my best shot. I would appreciate it if someone can also suggest for me a website that shows education statistics.

Jan Berry

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on April 20, 2018

I think I can help you with what you are looking for when it comes to choosing the right state for a college education program. I was almost in the same situation when I started college a few years ago, because my parents were divorced and each of them lived in a different state, and I preferred to live with one of them during my college studies. The website of the department of education in Michigan definitely provides a lot of valuable information for those who want to enroll in public institutions in Michigan. I have checked the website, and I can see that it also provides different career programs in which students can get the necessary preparations for advancing in their college studies and their careers. I believe that such preparations are vital for students to gain technical, academic, work behavior, and professional skills. As to the website of the higher education in Missouri, it also offers a lot of valuable information for students when it comes to different financial programs, scholarships, student loans, but I don’t see that it offers any programs related to student preparation programs like those offered on the Michigan education website.

I advise you to get in contact with students in your favorite universities in both states so that you can have a general opinion about how education is all about in Michigan and in Missouri. It is also important to check whether you like it more in Michigan or Missouri because I think that any student would feel much comfortable learning and studying in a place that he/she likes, and where he/she has many friends and close ones. That said, I believe that problems in education exist almost everywhere, and that could differ from a student to another according to each student’s perspective and expectations of the perfect educational process. Personally, I used to have many problems back when I was a university student, but then I have taught myself to adapt to hard situations and choices so that I can always keep moving towards my goals. At the end of my answer, you will find a link to a website that shows different educational statistics in many states in the United States, and I hope that you may find it useful for you in making your final decision. I wish you best of luck with making the right choice.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

This may sound not related to the general conversation of this topic, but I try to encourage everyone I know to consider learning in an online university. My brother is now enrolled in an online university, and he is very happy with it. He will eventually get a degree that is recognized in many countries around the world. Also, he is now traveling around many countries while learning at the same time because he does not need to be at a certain location for his studies. All he needs is a reliable internet connection and his portable computer. I believe that online education has made education problems much less for many students around the world. I wish I could have done the same and got my university degree from an online university a few years ago. I wish you best of luck with choosing the right university for you, and I hope that you may consider online education.

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