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What do you suggest for an adult continuing education?

I think that learning skills are very important in life so it is necessary to proceed for further education to make you better for growing competition demands. I have also heard this from some experts. Can you recommend some courses in adult continuing education one may find helpful in getting a good job? How can I choose the educational sites that will give me best learning experience. Is it necessary to be prequalified for the course or can anyone apply? Also please explain what the adult education school system is and what are its objectives.

Samantha Stevenson

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on September 24, 2018

You are right as population is increasing it is getting difficult to get a job in many countries. Some developing countries are facing these issues due to illiteracy and some countries have many educated persons but don’t have jobs for them. Adults continuing education plays an important role in the country’s development. As the trend of adult education increases, the amount of skilled labor rises in the country.

As people are becoming more sensible, they begin to understand that the proper use of earth’s facilities like water, wind and sun energies can be converted into electricity. Along this, they also realize which ways to use the human abilities could enhance their productivity. In the past poor people were used as slaves but now everyone has the opportunity to learn. With the advancements in educational system it has been possible to develop skilled employees, which is necessary for improving the economy of a nation.

Adult education schools are places where adults are engaged in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values. Learning in such schools is based on the desire of the learner, his interest, and his aim to develop his skills. If one has a high school level certificate, they can join any program of interest and have a broad range of choice. Other applicants have the option to further their education by studying a vocational course that will provide them with a more hands-on experience and education.

So there are options for choosing a vocational or academic course track according to your interest. Almost every educational site I have visited has the basic required material to fulfill the course requirements for practical and theoretical understanding. The things that are required are consistency and hard work. You must work hard on your education and practice a lot to be fluent in your skill.

Looking for furthering education one must think of his interests or demands first so that he can choose the proper track for further studies. Education in your desired field makes you able to work with interest — you can solve any problem if you have some interest in solving it. You can chose the course you like either to improve your chances of being accepted into an establishment of a higher level of education or to gain practical, work-based skills.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

An adult continuing education provides many opportunities for learn different skills of various interests. Education is driven by what one need or wants to learn from available opportunities, and the manner in which one learns. Adult learning is affected by demographics, globalization and technology. It can be categorized in the three general types.

Formal – These are structured learning programs that are typically offered in an education or training institution, usually with a set curriculum and carries credentials.

Non-formal – It is non-credential learning but it is also organized by educational institutions. Civil societies and groups are mostly involved in providing work place through the activity for such learning.

Informal education – This education is related to learning that goes on all the time, resulting from daily life activities related to work, family, community or leisure (e.g. community baking class)

Actually adult learning is for every person of the society who wants to learn something related to his field of interest or for getting any practical working skill.

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