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What do you need to do to become a probation officer?

Ramon Kelly

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Ross Pratt on November 27, 2019

Check with the state in which you are looking for employment as a probation officer. The requirements vary from state to state. . Earn a degree in criminal justice or social work. Most states require a minimum of a bachelor's degree, however, some may require a master's degree. . Complete a series of tests. These usually begin with a written exam, followed by an oral examination. The next test is a psychological examination and, finally, a physical exam. The candidates must be in good physical health as well as is required of many police officers. . Complete a program of training to become a probation officer. Most states require that you complete a State or Federal government sponsored program and then pass a certification exam. . Demonstrate computer and writing skills. Preparation of reports and documentation is an important part of the position as a probation officer. .

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