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What do you minor in to get a degree in Physical Therapy?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on May 29, 2018

Response . A specific minor is not required to obtain a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. However, if you choose a minor, I suggest that you minor in something will improve your main programme of study, and do something useful. You must keep in mind that a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy in the each time more scarce. If there are schools out there that still offer a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy will be short-lived. Most of the universities have done a Master's degree, and it is speculated that it may be changed to a Doctorate in the future. There are some community colleges that offer the Associate of Applied Science(AAS) as a Physical Therapy Assistant. However, if your thinking about a career as a Therapist to think of in a greater degree.

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