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What do you mean by jargon and okay is a jargon or not?

Ross Pratt

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on March 2, 2019

Jargon is a type of discourse with a group of words known and often used just by groups of people basically having the same job or something else in common, so itÂs limited, repetitious, and possibly unknown by other people. That said, jargon is a kind of jargon, but it is not very spread out. The word "ok", today, should not be taken as a slang (nor jargon, sure that at least itÂs not limited to small groups of people), as itÂs rather a "shortening" (an abbreviation) of the sounds of the initial letters of the words "ALL CORRECT" (aw + c > o + k), and itÂs very used and accepted by many people in the world; itÂs almost like an international symbol or an icon for meaning GOOD (to any thing, in any situation, etc).

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