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What do you know about tutoring companies?

I wish to be enlightened about the meaning of tutoring companies as well as how it can be useful to students.  I have heard my parents talk about finding me a tutor who can teach me at home. Can you tell me how to find a tutor in your area? I want to help my family in finding a good tutor. I will be also glad if someone can help me understand the responsibilities of a live tutor.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Derrick Little on May 24, 2018

A tutoring company is a business which serves as an intermediary between tutors and people who seek for tutoring services. The term is synonymous with a tutoring agency and a tuition center which are mostly preferred in Singapore, Malaysia, China and other English speaking nations in the Middle and Far East.  A tutoring agency can also be described as a commercial organization that specializes in introducing private teachers to students requiring academic help. Most tutoring platforms are primarily founded to address the challenges students and parents face in finding experts who can offer specialized help in specific disciplines.

There are a number of companies that directly sign working contracts with their clients (normally parents). Some tutoring platforms charge a tutor certain percentage of money as commission fees. The commission is usually taken from the money paid by clients for offered services. In countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and India, the payable to the tutoring company is half the money paid the tutor in a month. Tasks which are assigned for a shorter duration such as last-minute revisions before an exam can carry lesser fees of approximately one-quarter of the tutor’s monthly revenue. However, there are particular tutoring firms which do not take commission fees for tasks done by tutors.

There are tutoring agencies which allow customers to compile and send a list of tutors’ names. The customers are also allowed to make calls and inquire about tutors who are currently working. Contractual agreements are signed between a tutor and a client. On the other hand, tutors can be supplied with the names and contacts of potentials customers. A tutor is permitted to call and agree with a parent or student regarding the terms of working.

Tutoring firms are common in several countries including Australia, the UK, UAE, the US, Malaysia and Singapore. Across many countries, commercial tutoring programs are not regulated.

There are associations in different countries that are formed to oversee tutoring process. They act as a link between the Ministry of Education and tutoring platforms. They include the Tutors’ Association of UK, National Tutoring Association and American Tutoring Association of the USA and the Australian Tutoring Association.

To find tutors in your area, simply check the local tutoring associations for a list of companies that connect students and tutors.  Request to be introduced to available tutors who match your special academic needs.

Live tutors are the type of tutors that help students with their academic needs over the internet. Everything including class lessons, tutorials, assignments, presentations and assessments are web-based. 

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

The above explanation regarding the definition of tutoring companies is very clear, true and can easily be understood by all readers. It offers insightful information about the working and functions of tutoring agencies. Tutoring platforms hire tutors either on the full-time or part-time basis. Most tutors that work part-time are students and parents who wish to earn extra cash while studying or parenting. In addition, tutors can be self-employed. The client pays a certain sum of money for every lesson. 

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