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What do you know about the San Diego continuing education school located in California?

I am looking for people with any information on the San Diego continuing education school, the continuing education programs that it offers, its campuses, training staff and learning facilities. Also, I am keen on knowing the admission time and procedure. Suggestions about how far the SD continuing education school is equipped for ace continuing education and continuing education for adults would be welcome.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on February 8, 2018

I have been working as a faculty member in one of the San Diego Continuing Education colleges in North City, San Diego, California. To be precise, this campus is known as the San Diego Community College. I would start by saying that if you are looking for world-class standards in continuing education schooling program, then the adult education programs offered by the continuing education college of San Diego would be one of the best available choices for you. And trust me, I am NOT saying this because I am a faculty in this school. You can check any review of the school from your acquaintances or even on the internet through forums, blogs and other personal reviews. Personally, you can log onto the corporate website of this school which is http://www.sdce.ed.u/ to check with all the information of the organization, the available courses and programs. Faculty and staffs, admission timings and procedures, fees, etc., as well as the academic curriculum offerings and the certification programs linked to the respective adult learning courses which can be undertaken in this academic institution. All the seven campuses of this continuity school offer ace certification programs from a rich portfolio of adult education and learning programs in the industry. This school is one of the few adult continuity education institutions in the country to have been recognized as an esteemed Approved Continued Education (ACE) provider in California and thus offers globally recognized certification for all its programs for continuing education for adult learners.  As it is recognized as an ace continuity learning provider, it would be safe for you to opt for this school for enrolling any adult for continuing education. There are also many off-campus locations of the school. Additionally, there are online courses offered for people who are unable to come and join the physical campuses of the school. The registration process is simple. You can just go to the link I have provided above and click on the registration tab on the homepage. Then you can apply online with zero registration fees levied on the process. You can complete the online application form and upload it following which you will be provided with an access code on your registered e-mail id. You can then register online using this code and a class CRN generated during the application procedure. For additional inquiries, you can click on the chat button for 24/7 assistance.

Larry Warren2 years ago

I have just completed a Digital Design and Development course at San Diego Continuing education school and got a certificate for the same!! And guess what!! My family and relatives now think that I finally was able to do at least something right in life. Well, jokes aside…The continuity education courses offered by this school are really good. I can tell about the Digital Design and Development program form my firsthand experience. The course is easy to understand, every module is clearly defined and linked with the trainers providing you with an impressive level of assistive learning. I am recommending the San Diego continuity education school with a 5 star rating by presuming that the features of the Digital Design and Development course I have been impressed with are same for all the other programs as well!! Definitely check it out when you get the chance.

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