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What do you know about Stanford University online high school?

I understand there is a Stanford University online high school. How good is it? Is it a free online high school for adults? I have always wanted to pursue free online high school courses, ever since I dropped out without graduating. I have checked out a few options online, but my friends keep advising me against them. They tell me that this Stanford one is the best. I wish to know more about it, to see if I can join. I am also ready to pay.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on July 18, 2018

Yes, the online Stanford University high school exists. It has been there since the year 2006. No, it is not a free high school online for adults. It is actually a private high school, for which you pay. It is not for adults but serves learners of all ages, including adults. To find out more about it, visit . It is also true that it is one of the best places you can pursue your education online. You will benefit from the following.

You will interact with students from all over the world and your teachers, through seminar-style class discussions. This will certainly expand your worldview beyond what you would get by simply sitting in an ordinary classroom. It is important to learn what you would have missed from other people’s cultures.

The curriculum is very challenging. It involves inputs from varied sources that make it pretty comprehensive. The robust approach to knowledge will leave you better informed, but it will also require a lot of input in terms of work. So it is not just a smooth ride, it calls for hard work.
There is a dedicated student support team that gives individualized support to every learner. This ensures that any problems you may have in the course of your studies will be sorted out. A smooth run through your studies is considered a very high priority at the Stanford site.

You will benefit from expert instructors who are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. They include holders of PhDs and other graduate degrees. These instructors work closely with the students to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

The learners also participate in community building events, even online, which makes the learning process responsive to communal needs. This is very important for Stanford, which always maintains a policy of contributing towards community support.

There are no free high school courses online offered by Stanford. However, good academic performance can earn you a scholarship. If you seriously need free education sites, you can check them out at Prep Scholar. You will learn that there are public and private online high schools. The public ones will not charge you tuition, but you will still cover the same number of hours as learners in physical schools. You can also benefit from school activities like trips if you so wish. But the lessons are online.

Olive Wilsona year ago

If I were to go for high schools classes as an adult, I would not waste money paying for Stanford. As an adult, you no longer care how prestigious the school you join is. What matters is the grade you get. I would thus opt for free online high schools for adults. I would visit the Prep Scholar site and choose a free high school there. If you can benefit from regular high school education for free, why should you pay when you are studying as an adult? In any case, what matters at the end of the day is to gain knowledge and if possible go for higher learning. So why bother with the highly stressful methods at Stanford, when you can learn a lot more easily from another site. The ability of PhD holders to teach high schools students is also overrated. They are not just trained for it.  

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