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What do you know about accredited online colleges?

I come across a lot of online uni courses on the web whether I am intentional researching on them or just randomly. What baffles me is most of these courses are either free or at insanely low prices. Though I am not working now and don’t have any skills, it doesn’t mean I am not interested in education. In fact, I have lately been searching for a short course in business and leadership, reasonably priced, in distance learning universities. However, I have noted that all these institutions advertise themselves differently. What are accredited online colleges?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on July 16, 2018

Imagine yourself as a graduate looking for a job or enrolling in a master’s program. You have spent three or four years studying in an online college. Then, eventually, you are have your papers and you are very optimist about the future, you don’t think anything can go wrong. However, your employers or your college tell you that your certificate is not recognized.

Though it is the worst case scenario, there are dozen other possible outcomes when you risk your money and time pursuing a study program from an online unaccredited college. I stress that accreditation is inherent or it can cost you a lot.

So what an online college accreditation?It is an independent and voluntary process of reviewing the study programs of an institution to determine the quality and uniformity of education. If an institution is accredited, it means it has been evaluated by an authority charged with the mandate to perform the task of accreditation and that it meets the quality standards set.

To maintain this accreditation a college needs to adhere to a set of standard measures at present and continually. Accreditation is important for you because it determines quality. However, other additional factors may also influence a colleges’ decision to seek accreditation.

First, only accredited schools are allowed to participate in federal student aid programs. Also, if a student is seeking employer assistance in paying fees, it would be difficult if the distance learning university is not accredited. Additionally, only accredited schools can transfer or accept college credit which is a necessity to register for graduate school.

A school can be nationally or regionally accredited, but the most common is the regional accreditation. Professional careers such as engineering, accounting, and medicine are perhaps the most sensitive when it comes to accreditation. After graduation, these professions require students to take a licensing exam.

Therefore, if you graduated with let’s say an engineering degree from an unaccredited college, it may not be accepted by the engineering licensing agency. A lot of colleges in the US and all around the world have been closed down and their licenses revoked for offering substandard education.

These colleges have students enrolled, and they still shut down. It doesn’t matter how much you have toiled for your online university course. What I am trying to say is that you have to be proactive about education matters and assess every aspect yourself. 

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

It’s true that you might waste your time studying an online university course that you will never benefit from. Though there are a few stand-alone online colleges, most reputable online colleges are branches/ divisions of renowned institutions; those that have built their name for offering quality education for years.

So, just the way you check a traditional university or college that you wish to enroll in, you should also ckeck on an online college albeit with slightly different criteria. Even if it is free, evaluate it thoroughly. I like to use reviews to get a rough idea of what I am about to pursue. Just like products on Amazon, services are also reviewed.

Even if you don’t find student reviews on the institution’s website, you can always google, and you will get plenty of forums that give students space to share such ideas. Don’t let them decide for you though; they should only help affirm/reject what you already know.  

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