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What do you have to pay for in an apartment?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Brandon Scott on May 8, 2019

The rental of the car and, usually, electricity, heating, water, and gas if your landord don't cover it. You have to pay for everything that a landlord includes in the lease, and then your own accounts, in addition to what is or is not included in your rent or written in the lease. You can normally expect to pay the following: > RENT > GAS and/or OIL (some have one or the other and some have both) > ELECTRICITY * * * * * NOTE ** Some apartments include utilities, or that only include heat, hot water, or electric... they will mention this in their ads, and when you include the utilities that this means it's one less bill for you. ** NOTE ** in Addition, there are Other Things in Common: > PHONE (save on a phone bill by using only your cell or get magicjack) > INTERNET (save by checking for unsecured wireless in the area first) > CABLE TELEVISION or SATELLITE, Then there are possibilities depending on where you live you could pay: > GARBAGE COLLECTION > WATER BILL * * * * * NOTE ** The two things are not common, but you could see those charges if you rent a house and not an apartment. ** NOTE ** Below, there are optional things you could pay for, such as: > RENTERS INSURANCE (not required, but it is good to have) > HOME ALARM SYSTEM (again, not needed but keeps you safe) > FURNITURE RENTAL, LEASE OR FINANCING (if you can't afford to buy it all) There are a lot of costs to having an apartment, but at the minimum you must pay the rent, gas (for heating, hot water and cooking) and electric. Anything about this is up to you if you want a phone, cable, internet, etc...

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