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What do you do if you rang lifeline but were too shy scared and nervous so you hung up?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

Theresa Perry on December 30, 2018

In the first place, take a few minutes to sit and let yourself calm down a little. I've been stuck in the same situation, so I know what you mean by shy and scared. It is difficult to talk about ththat kind of stuff and it takes courage to call. In the first place, do not judge yourself. If you are afraid, you are afraid. It is a fact, and says to himself that must not be won't change it. It is perfectly logical reaction. But there are a couple of things that may make it easier to treat. One is to realize that the way you feel, is not necessarily the way things are. Just because you feel scared doesn't mean that we are in a dangerous situation. That fear is not a commandment, it is a bit of advice on how you should act, and you are free to look at the situation and decide for yourself if it is really dangerous. This will not make the feeling go away, but considering that it's just a feeling can help keep her away and avoid overwhelm. Another is to write two or three things you want to say. Only a couple of words each. It sounds stupid, but when you dial the number and listen to another phone call, having a list of things you want to say that can help squash that increased the feeling of nervousness and not knowing what to do. Third, realize that you're not the only person that calls and does not know what to say. Most people stutter or fall over their own words or just not say anything, because they don't know where to start. The person at lifeline knows this and they know how difficult to call them. They can also help to start talking more easy; usually just the first few words are difficult to get out. The fourth and most important: don't give up. If the call has to call and hang up twenty times, do it. One of those times that you will hear the other phone ringing and you realize that you are just as scared and nervous as before. Finally, if you feel the need to hurt yourself or another person, go to the emergency room. No matter how the fear or the shame they feel, doctors and nurses have seen people in much more alarming and embarrassing situations, and that can help you. You, your security and your sense of well-being are all important.

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