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What do you do if you keep getting bored with the story you are writing?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on May 1, 2019

One reason for this is that you can have Writer's Block, which is very common in the writing of a mishap. Does not last forever, but the symptoms are that you lose all your writing ideas, fondness for words, or who easily get bored of your story at the moment. Writer's block can stay for up to two months, so do NOT throw away their history or ditch! Writers Block is not permanent, so you will be able to return to your story as soon as it stops. . If Writer's Block is not the case, then you are stuck with your history. If you are stuck, it is usually because you can't know what will happen next in your story, and if not resolved quickly, it will turn on you forget and leave it in its history. Most of the writers who might have been best selling writers stopped writing. Why? Because it got stuck or 'boring' with their stories. How you can avoid quitting your story, is that if you are feeling bored in a scene of your book, stop. Stop and think, what I want to write at the time? Pick up another scene in your book that might interest you more, like a battle sequence or the twist in the book. But, unfortunately, you don't have to go back and write that slow boring scene. Those scenes do not have to last forever, because it will put your reader to sleep. Write about a two page 'bored' of the scene, then lead to action once more!

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