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What do you do if you can not get to sleep?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

1 answer

Whitney Matthews on March 3, 2018

My friends mother works with children with special needs and I asked him if his mother had told him some tips on how to enter a deep sleep. She suggested that sleeping on your back, with NO pillows under his head and laying on of hands either side of you - palms up. If this does not work, I personally would recommend that when you close your eyes, look up, then think about nice things. If these tips don't work, try changing your position, for example, sleeping on the opposite end of the bed. Note: make sure that the lights are turned off, and is as dark as possible. This keeps the dream (once you are in it) calm and without nuisance. Tip: Some say that a clock marking helps them to get to sleep, because it sounds like a heart beat, even if others don't like it, though - why don't you try it?If this does not work, Visit your primary care physician. Any other Questions? Contact me :D

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