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What do you call a person who studies the Bible?

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Roger Moore on May 1, 2018

Opinion: Wise. . ANOTHER ANSWER: . According to Jesus is more than "study" His Word; there are studies, in Faith, with a humble heart, trying comeinto "obedience" Their orders, and to "please God": . "...He who sent Me is with Me the Father hath not left Mealone, for I DO ALWAYS those things THAT please HIM... Then saidJesus to believe in: If you permaneciereis in MyWord [in the case that the STUDY of His Word, faithfully and Humbly], THEN you MYDISCIPLES indeed, and ye shall know the truth, and the Truth shallmake free." (John 8:29-32 KJV) . Therefore, a person who studies the Bible so he Jesuscalls "HIS APPRENTICE, actually."

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