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What do people do to get study abroad scholarships?

I recently completed my degree program and I would like to further my studies. My friend suggested that I apply for study abroad scholarships. I am however not familiar with studying abroad and I need help knowing what is study abroad scholarship and where and how I can get one. How do I go about the application and how can I determine whether I am eligible for the program? I am particularly interested in colleges in Australia and I would like to receive my master’s degree there, preferably one that is fully funded.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 3, 2018

My application for a full ride scholarship to a college in Australia was accepted a few weeks ago. I therefore have a few pointers of what study abroad scholarships are about. It is simply a program that gives you a chance to undertake your studies at no financial expense. In your case, a fully funded scholarship means the program will fully take care of all your tuition fees and other expenses related to your studies like accommodation and personal expenses. You should know that scholarships are very competitive, however, there are ways you could get one easily. Australia has a very good system of giving scholarships to both local and international students. To access these programs you could visit the website of the college in Australia you intend to apply to, determine whether they have any scholarships at the moment and see whether you qualify to get one. Eligibility is determined by whether you have the entry requirements to qualify for the scholarship offer; you could view the application form for this.

As I said scholarships are competitive so check the deadline and apply on time to increase your chance of being shortlisted. There are also some student forums you could join that offer you guidance throughout the scholarship application process. You could look for scholarships depending on their entry specifications. Specifications will narrow down your choices and therefore increase your chances of getting an award for instance: 

  • Merit based scholarship programs
    If you are an athletic, academic or artistic student try applying for a merit based scholarship that is awarded to students depending on their abilities.
  • Subject specific scholarship programs
    If you are interested in pursuing a specific field of study for your master’s degree look at subject specific scholarships meant for certain courses. 
  • Destination specific scholarship programs
    Destination specific scholarships are also offered to students based on the specific country they want to study in. Do a quick research on scholarships offered specifically in Australia in your case.
  • Student specific scholarship programs
    If you qualify for a student specific scholarship look for the minority awards that offer students scholarships based on factors like gender, race, religion and sex.
  • Program specific scholarship programs
    You could also search for a scholarship offers that are based on the program you want to pursue. These are programs whose entry requirements are determined by either your academic or personal achievements.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I can assure the colleges in Australia offer their master’s courses at cheap prices. I agree that eligibility for you to be granted a scholarship depends on the requirements. If you are looking for a fully funded scholarship program, you could visita the Awards website which offers scholarships to all students nationally and internationally and also step by step guidance on attaining fully funded scholarships. Conduct a quick research to find out the scholarships being offered since the deadlines vary from one to another. Fill the application form accordingly and submit in advance. The government of Australia also grants students enough money to cater for the education expenses of students. Both private and public colleges in Australia have scholarship programs and will gladly offer these opportunities to successful students.

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