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What do parents think about the teaching of character education school?

I would love to hear what people know and think about character education. I don’t know where to begin because I am somehow confused due to inappropriate behavior of some people during schooling. Moreover, I will appreciate so much if someone will be willing to tell more about the concept of character education within the Michigan charter school. I will great be great if someone could advise me how to explain the term during school class. Lastly, I need someone to provide me with some real-life character education examples.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on April 12, 2018

Actually, I was also in the similar situation since character ed was difficult to explain to students. Parents used to frequently report incidences of lack of moral values among their children and failed to understand what their role was. I think it’s a process of nourishing a great relationship between a student and a teacher when teaching these values during school classroom sessions. Furthermore, character education is the culture of learning, not specifically a course to be undertaken. Although I understand how you feel since it's always not easy to try to explain it.

First and foremost, what you should consider is that parents have failed to play their role and therefore have relied on teachers by enrolling their children in the charter schools in Michigan. You should know that taking into account emotional and social developmental aspects of a child makes teaching a vital principle. You should also know that parents are grateful when these moral values are instilled in their children since they assume that the children grasp more and put it into consideration during studying. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of instilling good values in the children is using various tools such as storytelling or embedding into the classroom curriculum. This will be achieved by relating a story that gives some moral lesson and therefore explaining it to the students.

Finally, these concepts could be incorporated into the teaching through the inclusion of subjects like life skills that would be helpful to the students. I can acknowledge that these values are of great help to the students. During my years in school, this value was a guide for me to live well in the society since they helped me know the difference between what was moral and immoral. In order for you to convey the information to the students, you have to gain self-confidence and be optimistic that they are going to listen to your moral advice. Additionally, you can access resources that will guide you in understanding various ways of teaching the students on good morals. You can also get aid from your friends, your fellow staff members and also read material that is available to you would be of much help.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I agree with the above answer since I suppose character education is a vital concept that most people find difficult explaining the children’s mind. I know people usually consider it a huge task explaining the concept but I can advise to find anyone is capable of doing the same task. Although, teachers who are willing to explain the concept always are required to prepare for the presentation and should strive hard in assembling the necessary materials in order for the piece of work to turn out successful.

These values are a key concept for children to behave well in the society and also within the school’s territory. This principle is a vital term that should be addressed, and I encourage that all schools should hire professionals who are willing to address this issue since it determines the child’s progress both socially and also in schooling.

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