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What do international students require to get student support fund and how hard is it to get financial aid and what are the benefits experienced?

I hear that every year there’s over half a million foreign students pursuing studies at a university or college within the US. These are too many students; there must be funding for international students.  Foreign students who get student finance grant must be attracted by the diverse American education system that provides international students a variety of learning opportunities, more than what is available at home. With student support, the American system of education would give me a chance to access study programs which are more advanced than what I would access at home. What’s more is the enrichment I would get from cultural exchange. The problem is that I can’t afford to fund my college experience with my own money; I would need access to grants for international students.

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 1, 2018

A lot of foreign students fund their schooling experience using money from their pockets. Just as in the case of their counterparts in America, this money is usually not sufficient to cover the overall cost of attending these colleges. Foreign students depend on scholarships and grants to aid in paying for their education in America. Programs for financial aid are by their nature less extensive to foreign students than financial aid to United State’s citizens. However, those who get funded get the much-needed financial student help.

International student’s grants are highly competed for and are usually extended to the brightest and best students. A student fund grant often targets those who are in pursuant to highly-specialized-field advanced degrees. Though international students’ grants may be few, they promise students from around the world greater education opportunities.

An international student who would like to pursue studies in the US will need to get all of their visa and immigration documents in order. Interested students need to visit the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) for more details on the responsibilities and requirements for applying for & receiving a visa for a student.

Those who have just been admitted to colleges or universities in the US should contact the admissions coordinator, financial aid office, international adviser in their school in preparation for smooth transitioning into the campus and the United States. Most Universities and colleges require international students to show certification of funding for the entire time at the institution and complete travel plans.

Though programs for international student funding may not be as far reaching or abundant as for local students, there are a variety of grants that are dedicated for supporting and encouraging students who wish to further their education in the US. Examples include Fulbright Grants, AAUW grants and grants from the institutions themselves. Fulbright is an exchange program that is administered and supported by the United States Department of State. It provides highly competitive grants that are based on merit. The grants are for both foreign students pursuing education in the US and students from the US who have gone abroad for further studies. The AAUW is sponsored by the American Association of University Women. The program sponsors women education in a hundred and sixteen countries worldwide. This vital funding helps the women pursue masters and graduate degrees at colleges in the United States.  Fund recipients are chosen based on merit as well as a commitment to girls and women advancement back in their home countries.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Question well answered. I would however want to add on grants that are administered and supported by individual universities and colleges. The University of Cincinnati, for instance, offers some nationals grants for the pursuance of degrees in their institution. The international student finance grant by the University of Cincinnati offers assistance to international undergraduate and graduate level students. To be entitled to application, you must be a full-time student and financial need and academic merit are the determinants. Portland’s Lewis and Clark University offers the Davis United World Scholarship for foreign students. Awarding depends on academic merit and financial neediness of the applicant. Those who are eligible receive up to ten thousand dollars in aid. Missouri’s Columbia College sponsors a number of students from foreign countries. The award for international students is available for transfer students as well as freshmen. Award amount is a thousand dollars and depends mainly on merit. There is an international Excellence Award offering international students half tuition provided they meet the stringent requirements of the college.

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