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What do I require before I enroll in a PhD degree program?

I recently graduated with my Masters degree in Psychology and I’m planning to enroll in a PhD degree program on January next year. However, I have little information on requirements and application procedure for doctoral programs. I would appreciate if you can tell me about the procedure as well as the requirements needed for me to continue with my studies. In addition, I would like to gather information on diploma degree and post graduate diploma, which can help my clients who are seeking information on different fields of study. Briefly, help me to understand the difference between degree certificate and the aforementioned qualifications.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Donald Ward on April 3, 2018

All of doctoral courses are designed to nurture exceptional educational researchers with deep knowledge of the practical, scientific and policy aspects they study. Most PhD degrees programs require students to undertake full-time study. Due to demands of these programs, you will need to be financially stable or have full-time monetary support to enable you contact your research fully and smoothly.  When looking for a college for your studies, you should try your best and look for a college with small number of students ranging from 25 to 35 students per academic year. The smaller doctoral cohorts have great educational advantages for learners. The classes are always small thus permitting students to receive personal attention from their supervisor and advisors. In addition, you will be able to develop great collegial relationships.

So, for you to gain an admission to pursue a doctoral program, you will need to satisfy the following:

First of all, you will need to access an application form through the online application portal of your preferred university. Secondly, make sure you have application fee that ranges from about $100 to $250 depending on the university. From there you will need to make a statement of purpose. This should always range from one to two pages, typed and single-spaced. In your statement, succinctly explain your reasons why you need to be considered for the program, why you think that the program is good for you, your prospective career plans, how well you’re prepared for your chosen field of study, your interests and your background which you think will aid the admissions board to determine your motivation and aptitude for post-graduate study. You can consider including potential faculty mentors in your research and study interests.

Also make sure you prepare your resume that should be accompanied by three recommendation letters and college transcripts. Note that resumes, transcripts and recommendations are mandatory for all applicants. During the application procedure, you will need to identify your three recommenders as well as their contact information. This will also require that you inform your recommenders that they will be expected to submit their recommendations. Just to be on the safer side, make sure that your recommenders are individual who have supervised you in employment, community service and academics.

Last but not least, you should sit for the GRE General Test and in case you are an international student/ English is not your native language, you should consider taking TOEFL tests.

A diploma-degree is an academic qualification awarded to an individual after completing an undergraduate program in which he or she was admitted into after completing a college diploma program. On the other hand post graduate diplomas are awarded to individual upon completion of a master’s program.

Degree certificates and diplomas are terms that are usually used when describing accreditation by an academic institution such as a college or university. In some cases the words are used interchangeably, although there is a slight difference existing between the two. Degrees indicate higher level of study when compared to diplomas. In most cases, degrees will require four or more years of studies that should be accompanied by internships and practical attachments. On the other hand, a diploma program does not entail such requirements and in most cases the course duration is 2-3 years.

Brian Warner2 years ago

There is a lot that an individual needs to understand before deciding to enroll in a PhD degree program. The above explanation highlights most the things an individual needs to understand before applying for this program. In addition, before you settle down to choose an institution for your preferred field of study you should also consider family issues especially if your studies will require you to travel to different parts of the world. Most doctoral programs will take approximately twice as long as bachelors program and it will entail rigorous researches, teaching and publishing journals. At some given point, you will find that it will be difficult to balance between normal life and academic programs.

Well, studying a doctoral program will require significant amount of investment in terms of money, effort and time. You should be prepared to spend approximately a decade researching and studying in order to earn the title. At the same time, be prepared to enjoy the prospects of your dedication and hard work once you complete your studies.

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