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What do I need to study in USA?

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, NYU, UCLA, all those famous universities are in that country so that’s the place I want to go to study. I’ve never been there but I’ll be happy to study in USA, at any of those good universities. I need to know how to get a student visa for USA because a friend told me that’s a requirement. But what is a student visa and is it necessary? I’d like to know if there are many types of student visas or if there’s just one visa for students.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on September 3, 2018

It is true that the USA has many renowned universities with a long history that provide high-level education. We can add Princeton and Columbia to the list of universities that you have mentioned. They rank among the best universities in America in 2018 (

The first step to study in the USA is to select the specific American college or university that you want to enroll in. This will help you organize your dream because you will be able to search for practical information about the state where that educational institution is located. You can see, for example, its roadway map and its weather forecast. You can also read about its history and culture to deepen your knowledge about that area.

If you have already chosen where to follow your studies in the USA and you have contacted that college for further details about requirements for international students and ask if they offer help or guidance in the process to get a visa, the next step is to contact the USA consulate in your country to ask how to get a student visa for the USA.

The requirements vary from country to country, so if you look for information related to visas on the internet, be sure to visit the American embassy website that corresponds to your country. You will also find there the updated cost of visas.

Since you wanted to know what a student visa is, it is a special permission to stay in a country while you follow your studies there. It has usually the form of a sticker containing your personal information stuck to a page of your passport. To get a visa, you will first need to have a passport from your country.

Yes, it is necessary to get a visa for long stays in most countries, whether you are going to visit, work or study. If you do not have one, you can be refused entry into the country and have problems.
There is more than one type of student visa to study in America. There are actually three types of this kind of visa. ( The F Student Visa is gained to study at a USA college or university or at an English language institute, the J Exchange Visa - to participate in an exchange program and the M Student Visa - for non-academic or vocational study or training in the United States.

Roger Moore2 years ago

It’s true that getting a student visa means having to fill in forms and search for many documents at home or asking our high school tutors about them. That’s truly very boring and tiresome. But it’s worth doing if you’re really excited about studying in the USA. I think that we must see this visa process as a part of our registration for college. We must submit more documents and go to more interviews but in the end, we’ll see that it’s been productive because we will study where we wanted to study. Fortunately, we go through that bureaucratic process only once and then we can focus on our studies knowing that we won’t have any legal problems because our status will be legal. It can be a motivation too: if you feel overwhelmed at college with too much  study, remember all that it took you to be there.

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