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What do I need to get a Canada student visa?

Some of my relatives live in Canada and they often tell me that Canadian colleges are very good and I should study there. I know that I need to get a Canada student visa but I’m not sure what I need to apply for student visa. I don’t know if getting a Canada study visa is something easy or difficult, whether I can get it fast or wait because it takes a long time. How much does a student visa cost?

Deborah Edwards

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on August 30, 2018

You can find very good places to study in Canada, like the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia ( ).

Yes, for long stays in its territory – usually a long stay is considered to be over six months – you will be asked to have a visa according to the activity that you will be doing in that country. For example, people who will be studying there are asked to get Canada student visas. Canada asks for both an entry visa and a student permit, but they will be issued together.

In order to know the updated requirements and how to apply, you need to visit or call the Canadian consulate in your country or also visit its website. As of May 2018, if you are an American student ( ), you will need an acceptance letter from your school, your passport and proof of financial support.

It is difficult to say exactly how long the process to apply for a student visa will take. It will likely take about four weeks ( ), but it will depend on external factors, such as the number of people that requested a visa before you, the capacity of the consulate to manage the visa granting and national holidays that will mean days-off. My best advice for you is to apply for a visa as early as you can.

There are also personal factors that can cause delays to get a visa, such as submitting an incomplete application. By the time you apply for Canada study visas, you must have your high school accreditation and an acceptance letter from your Canadian college in hand. Avoid this type of delays by having all your papers in order and communicating often with your Canadian college.

Your university or college can help you and provide you with the letters or documents that the Canadian consulate may ask you to have and it can give you all the information to fill in forms about that center of study. Although the process to get a student permit is somewhat burdensome, it will be smoother if you have your documents in order.

How much a student visa costs changes slightly each year. It is advisable to check with the Canadian consulate of your country the updated cost in the national currency. Now ( ), a student permit for an American student costs 150 Canadian dollars.

Roger Moore2 years ago

I went to study at McGill in Canada after I finished high school and it was definitely an experience that I recommend to everyone. I enjoyed studying there because people were very friendly and I met many other international students in Canada. The process to get my student visa was kind of troublesome because I didn’t know I needed a special visa and I left it for the last minute. If you’ve already been to Canada as a tourist, you may know the visa process. It’s a little different for students because to get your student visa you need to show more documents that prove the studies you’ve already followed and that you’ve been accepted into a Canadian educational institution. But I haven’t been to Canada before and “how much does a student visa cost” was the first question I should’ve asked because it wasn’t within my budget. 

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