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What do I need in order to study abroad?

I have recently graduated from the University of Cape Town with a bachelor’s degree in science (life sciences). For many years I’ve wanted to study abroad-either in Canada or Australia. Due to my outstanding performance, my university has offered me a scholarship for my graduate degree program which will entail international student exchange programs mainly with Australian universities. As a result, I will appreciate if someone can advise me on what I need to have in order to study in a foreign country. I will also appreciate a lot if you can help me understand how to choose a good university in Australia that is well-resourced to offer Master of Science programs.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 29, 2018

Making a decision to pursue your studies in a different country especially the one with advanced technology, modern educational systems, and cultural diversity is always a vital choice that will determine how you succeed in your career. Many study-abroad programs are available in developed countries such as Australia or Canada. However, you should note that regardless of your qualifications not all programs that are offered in these countries will be available for you. Some universities are highly selective and can only admit particular students from selected colleges and universities.

There are many requirements that you have to satisfy before you are permitted to study in a different country. For your case, you’ve already been accepted into a graduate program and as a result you will be mainly looking for requirements that are needed before you enroll for the international exchange program for students. Generally, if you intend to study in any foreign country for over three months, you will need to acquire a student visa. In case you intend to study in another country for a period not exceeding 90 days, you may be expected to some to have a study permit.

As you prepare to obtain your visa, you should make sure that you have a valid passport. Study visa application will also require that you have a letter of acceptance/admission from a recognized university in your country of destination, an approval that you have sufficient money to sustain you during your study, at least two recent passport photographs, medical check-up test results, English language proficiency proof, travel insurance documentation, plane tickets and a criminal record certificate. Once everything is set, you will need to prepare your mind for the new experience and challenges that will be awaiting you. Think of how you will conduct your studies and research as well as how you will handle your money and people while abroad.

Finally, when considering to study at Australian university, there are a lot of important factors that you should consider before starting the process of application. If your family has enough money, you can choose to study at the university situated in a metropolitan area such as Sidney. A highly-urbanized setting will offer you a wide range of experience including versatile technologies, multiple part-time employment opportunities and access to many research facilities. On the other hand, a smaller city will be cheaper and calmer to stay in. Also, evaluate the universities that offer exchange programs to know which one are highly regarded for research in life sciences so that when choosing a college you select the one that suits both your budget and educational demands.

Tad Fraziera year ago

Making a decision to study abroad is an extremely exciting experience. It is a period when you actually feel you are about to achieve one of your greatest dreams. The above answer provides an adequate explanation of most things that you are required to have and know in order for you to study abroad. My experience reminds that there are other things you should consider before you begin the process of visa application. Think of the things that you will miss when you are abroad - your family, friends, food, habits and favorite joints. Ask someone of what you need to pack and the weather patterns in the country you are going to study in. Also, don't forget to take contacts, bring recipes, and carry photos as well as other mementos that will help you to survive homesick moments. Finally, carry a notebook or journal to write and reflect on your new experience abroad.

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