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What diet pills can a sixteen year old female take to lose weight?

Dana Keller

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Ramon Kelly on July 30, 2018

There really is no completely safe diet pills, everything that you can take with possible side effects. At the age of 16 you still have a good high metabolism, the best and safest way to lose weight is by increasing your activity and decreasing calories. There are good workouts on the Wii Fit, you can use a variety of exercises and even do it with friends. Now that summer is here, there are activities that you can do that are more fun than exercising at home or in a gym, such as bike riding or swimming. They burn calories and strengthen muscles. To give you a healthier. The choice of a diet does not have to be difficult, if not a big salad lover, stick to no refined sugar or wheat. Many people have lost a lot of weight, very quickly by just eliminating those two products, that we eat too much. If you are a salad from dining room, put the dressing on the side-stick just the tip of your fork in the dressing before "spearing" your salad. Eat grilled chicken breast (not breaded or fried), with the skin removed. Eat an orange, a few grapes or a plum when that sweet tooth kicks in or you need a mid-day pick-up. Make small goals, if you have 10 pounds to lose, break it up into 4 goals of 3, 2, 3 and 2. Each time you make goal reward yourself. It doesn't feel like a failure when you have a day of rest, if you hit Micky D's and have a quarter pounder, fries and a soda to start again the next day, you can do this. At the age of 16, we are talking about a new life style, adopting it now rather than when you are 30, keeps you several steps ahead of most women and your body will reward you with good health in the years to come. See more information in the link and good luck!

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