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What did the movement to reform education accomplish?

Why was the school reform movement established and when was it formed? What did the movement to reform education accomplish? Does it have anything to do with the positive changes I can attest to in the education sector? Or, has it brought more complications in the lives of our children? What areas in the education system were negatively affected according to the report on education reform 2014? Has movement for school reforms fulfilled the reason behind its formation? Are the changes I can see out of the movement sustainable and, is there anything that can be done to avert the negative effects of this movement?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 14, 2018

Massachusetts was among the small number of states that allowed any form of education to take place before 1830. After 1930 however, a movement to reform education was formed to help put up a structure of general public education.

The aim of this movement was to make public education better by:

  • Reducing the expenditure of traditional education by reducing the cost of undertaking it. Before this, only the rich could afford to hire a private tutor and education was left to the wealthy. The introduction of grammar schools, libraries open to the public and the use of encyclopedia were introduced to cut down the cost of traditional education.
  • Having the children taught using the catholic way; there was need to divide the children according to their ages instead of mixing all of them in the same class.
  • Making the children go to school for a longer period (six months) by changing the curriculum.

The brains behind the movement believed that education was the basis of having stability in politics and unity among people.

The accomplishments of the movement to reform education were the following:

  • College education would be attended for four years.
  • Establishment of free libraries.
  • Teachers’ wages were doubled.
  • More schools were established all over America.
  • Improved supervision of schools by a committee that received a form of remuneration for their services.
  • There was improvement in the teaching equipments and new textbooks.

By 2014, so many changes had taken place in the education sector in America. Some of the profound changes noted in the 2014 education reform review are:

  • Judging schools according to their results, not how well they are organized. Schools are now rewarded or sanctioned according to their performance.
  • Students can now attend schools anywhere as opposed to when one could only attend a school in his locality.
  • There is an increase in the number of students attending schools and going up to eighth grade.
  • Use of modern technology in schools.
  • The vices of teenage pregnancy, smoking and drug abuse have greatly reduced as a result of the positive effects of the movement to reform education.

We however still have a long way to go in ensuring inclusivity in the education system. So many students are still dropping out of schools while some are still not able to access education. The system is not able to enable talented students to follow their area of specialty for example inventors, those who have the ability to come up with magical cures etc.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

The emergence of private schools is definitely a great idea. However, these schools have now become profit oriented and have completely forgotten the reason behind their establishment – to help the students get better grades. Students are no longer a priority even to the teacher’s union who are now only focused on the salaries of the teachers and securing their jobs. A great student is a product of a great teacher and to achieve the desired results in the education sector, I advice that both parties work together to make the school reform movement beneficial. The management too should be careful to stick to the main agenda of setting up the modern institutions- to achieve the agenda of the movement to reform education system more helpful to the students. I found a useful resource regarding the reforms. The characteristics of the reforms in education may be found here. I hope you find this useful.

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