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What did Alexander Hamilton believe his plan for the nation’s economy would do? A) buy political support from poor Americans B) establish the nation’s financial credibility C) stop the growth of new industries D) reopen trade with European nations

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on January 24, 2018

Option correct answer is:B) to Establish the country's financial credibilityExplanation:The main disadvantage of facing Hamilton was a huge debt. The government is expected to. taking into account the total debt of the national, and therefore the states. His plan was to withdraw the recent depreciated compulsions by borrowing new money at a lower rate of interest. Jefferson contradicts this fix. He thought that member states should charter banks that could issue money in cash. Jefferson also thought the Constitution did not give the national government the possibility of setting up a bank. Hamilton contradict at this time.

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