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What details do you kneed when appliying for a loan?

Kathy Robinson

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on April 4, 2018

Before applying for a loan, it is best to get your credit score and improve it if you can. You can get a free credit report once every year from

Once you know your credit score, you will be able to find out what interest rates are applicable to you. Shop around for the best rates and terms for you. Check your local banks, credit unions and online lending companies like up2drive and myautoloan. They will tell you what documents are needed, how the loan will be given to you, how the payments will be made, among other details. Some may require information and documents such as the VIN, car registration, deed of sale, etc

Make sure that you get the lowest term that suits your budget. In the longer term means a greater amount of interest you need to pay.

Take a look at this document to know more about Financing a Vehicle:

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