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What degree will you receive for completing a four year college program of study.?

Brandon Scott

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Cynthia Baker on October 10, 2018

The four-year degree is a bachelors degree. It could be a Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree depending on the program of study, and which focus on the department that offers the title. If its an arts degree, the scope will be broader, to include a complete education in a variety of disciplines that include intellectual skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, and judgment skills, which, in essence, complement the specific program of study in either business, communications, psychology, etc, If the degree is in the sciences will have a more narrow focus, in terms of research, math, science, and practical skills. A bachelor's degree can be one of the arts or science. In other words, the degree of a business major can be a BA or BS. It just depends on the institution and the department within the institution in which the label of the degree. The same goes for many other disciplines.

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