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What degree or programs are there for a music teacher?

Melissa Norris

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Dana Keller on April 14, 2018

For a high school student considering music as a career, one of the major in music education provides an opportunity to work in a field that he or she loves. Most of the universities in the state hasfive excellent programs for preparing a musician to teach in public or private schools. Some of the programs are 5 year programs, because one has to learn a lot to become a successful music teacher. Private music teachers who have a Bachelor's degree in Music, he or she has two additional options. Many states have an "Alternative Route" program which consists of testing, tutoring, classes at a state college and on the job learning. A safer path to employment is to obtain a Master of Arts in Teaching degree offered by many universities (around 60 credits), or a Teacher of Music Certificate (not a Masters) --around 36 credits. These are carefully planned programs for the individual states to educate a prospective study of a teacher to teach vocal or instrumental music, or both, depending on the state. Teaching in public or private schools allows the teacher to have music around him or her for the working day. Many school music teachers also freelance, audition, and teach privately. In addition, some experienced music teachers choose to earn additional certification to become a supervisor or director. From the music teachers are accustomed to dealing with large groups of students, you can find satisfaction in the management of a music department or school.

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