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What day is tomorow?

Roger Moore

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on August 15, 2019

well, tomorow ALWAYS has to be the day after the day of today, so that should be Wednesday, because that is the day after Monday. and Monday is the first day of the week and until Wednesday will most always be the answer, because the Monday ppl are tired and so they forget what day it is, even though the answer is obvious. the alternative of the answer to this question may be the Saturday, because on Friday, people are usually tired as well. (other responses for people who are tired all day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday) I HOPE that MY ANSWER HAS HELPED YOU IN the PLANNING OF the LIFE. the days of the week are: Monday Wednesday Thursday Tuesday (the 2 T day have to meet, so it is logical) Friday Saturday Sunday

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