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What date will be Halloween 2018?

I would like to celebrate Halloween 2018. But first of all, I need to know: when is Halloween? I do not celebrate it in my country, but now I am going to college in the US and there are many parties. I would also need some ideas for the last minute Halloween costumes for me.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on October 22, 2018

Although the date of this celebration is always October 31, if it does not fall on a weekend it is generally celebrated the weekend before. For instance, Halloween in 2018 will be on Wednesday, October 31. This means that most parties will be on Friday, October 26; Saturday, October 27; and Sunday, October 28.

It would be great if you had a costume ready before that Friday, so you can be prepared to attend all the parties that you want properly dressed. This is a celebration that many American children enjoy because they can stay up until later, they get many sweets and candies from their neighbors by telling them “trick or treat!” and they can show their best costume to the world.

Children enjoy that evening very much. So much that last year’s celebration was not over when they started asking “when is Halloween 2018?” You will also enjoy going to Halloween parties. This celebration is different for adults. They do not go out to collect candies and chocolates, but rather go to private parties.

In order to attend those parties, you will need to choose a costume. It can be one of the most traditional costumes for this night that include vampires, monsters, ghosts, mummies, and any other creepy creature that you may think of. Keep in mind that the more elaborate your costume is, the more make-up and accessories it may need.

If you prepare for the celebration early, it may be great to choose one of those costumes. However, if you make your mind a couple of days before the party, then choosing among the last-minute costumes for Halloween may be your last resort.

There are very big costume stores such as Spirit Halloween, Halloween City or Halloween Express that can help you in moments like that. They have so many costumes in stock that even on the same day of the celebration it may be possible to buy a costume. However, it might not be high-quality clothing and the design may not be what you wished for either. Some make-up and accessories may help.

Charles McAlear10 months ago

Even though some people say that looking for last minute costumes for Halloween is a bad idea because they are awful and do not fit well, I think that it is not always the case. I have bought costumes that have been horrible to wear because they were heavy or itchy, and I had not rushed to buy them. I had just thought that they looked cool before I actually wore them. On the contrary, I wore once a last minute mummy costume that I was lucky to find and it was very comfortable. It has actually been the most comfy costume I have ever worn. I think that every costume option is worth giving a try. You may be surprised to see that the costume that fits you best, with no need of any quick fix, may be the one that you had not chosen at the beginning. 

Ronald Miller10 months ago

I have already marked in my agenda several parties to celebrate Halloween 2018. I still have not decided if I will use the same costume for all of them or if I should buy a pair of costumes. What I know for sure is that I will attend all those parties. I think that you should have a lot of fun choosing and wearing your costume. I do not ask anybody “when is Halloween?” because I do not celebrate a day, but the whole last week of October every year. 

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