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What criteria was used to decide where a castle was built?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Karen Wright on March 11, 2020

The sites for castles were usually chosen for military reasons, but sometimes the political considerations were also very important. Some castles were built for the simple reason that the people of the zone were built were hostile. The placement of a castle, which was in part based on the strategy. A castle that is usually put in a place protected from something - a city, a part of the river that is used for transport, a port, or even a road. At times, the place was chosen because it had a local population that needs to be put in a state of fear to be kept under control. The details of the placement were often dictated by tactical considerations. A castle could be placed on a hill or island to make it as defensible as possible. Or a castle could be placed by the ford of a river that has to be defended. A castle had to be provisioned with food, water, fuel and other needs. The ability of the surrounding countryside to provide these was a consideration. Ideally, a castle would be large enough to provide himself with some things; for example, some of the castles had gardens in their neighborhoods, and grass for horses to graze. Occasionally, castles were built because there were no other castles in the area. The idea behind this was that the presence of castles could stop the advance of an invading army.

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