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What criteria do you use to decide whether something is alive?

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Dana Keller on August 11, 2018

the main criteria used to decide if something is alive is movements. the movements may be that of locomotion(e.g.,running of dog), movements of a part(for example,chewing of the coalition for cow),the respiratory movements, the growth of movements(in the plant)and movements of molecules in metabolic reactions, the maintenance and repair of cellular structures. to the side of the movements, there are other criteria that are found in living beings that distinguish them from non-living are the presence of protoplasm, self built organisms, self repair, reproduction and various life process like metabolism, nutrition, breathing,growth,the exchange of material, transportation, excretion and irritability. ALL LIVING BEINGS HAVE A CLEAR EXPECTATION OF LIFE AND CYCLE OF LIFE

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