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What courses does Anderson continuing education provide for CNAs?

I work at a Skilled Nursing Facility in California. The California Department of Public Health stipulates that as a nursing assistant in the state, I have to take 48 hours of CNA continuing education courses every two years to renew my certificate. Therefore, I would like to take at least 12 hours of continuing education courses for nurses at Anderson education. I am particularly interested in courses that are popular and relevant to our current time. Is there anyone with information on up-to-date courses offered by Anderson continuing education?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Donald Ward on June 13, 2018

Below are some of the prevalent issues in modern medicine that Anderson continuing ed addresses through its continuing education courses for CNAs.


HIV/AIDS is a medical nuisance of the contemporary times. It is a shapeshifting infection that affects a sizeable chunk of the world’s population. With such a profound impact on today’s society, it is necessary to keep studying this disease to be able to curtail its spreading, care for the infected, and even stop it entirely. At Anderson you can find the accredited Care for HIV patients continuing education course for nurses, and so forth.

  • Avoiding medical errors

Given your occupation, you ought to be very accurate and sure of your procedures, prescriptions, and so forth. This is for the sole reason that lives are at stake. Continuing education courses on avoiding medical blunders can help you become better in your service.

Anderson offers the following courses on medical errors: Prevention of Medical Errors, Prevention of mistakes in medicine (2017)- Safe administering of medication, and Prevention of Errors in Medicine (2015): CNA role in Lab Testing.

  • Resident rights

In nursing, resident rights are the legal and moral guidelines that govern the conduct of the residents of a particular nursing home. Anderson offers various courses on resident rights such as Texas Law, Ohio Law, Florida Law for CNAs, and Legal Boundaries for Nurses in California.

  • Providing emotional support to patients

The essence of a CNA continuing ed course is to make you the best at delivering nursing care to your patients. As a good nurse, you should be capable of providing sufficient emotional support to your patients. Anderson addresses this through courses such as Communication for CNAs, Proving personalized care, and Caring for patients in suffering.

  • Religion

Religion is a delicate issue in society and gets into most aspects of our daily life including medicine. To avoid conflicts with belief, you ought to be conversant with the limitations religion imposes on medication. At Anderson, the Religion for Nurses guide provides valuable insight on infusing these two together to ensure seamlessness.

  • Cancer

Cancer is the most sinister disease of all. A quick glimpse into the cancer statistics in the US can give you sleepless nights. As a CNA, you ought to have adequate information about this disease.

Take the Cancer CE at Anderson to get in-depth knowledge on this disease. 

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